Final Projects in Empowerment Technologies

  1. Interview—–
  2. Cybernews—–
  3. Integrating Images—–Integrating Images and External Materials
  4. Powerpoint Presentation—–POTATO PHISHBALL
  5. Microsoft Office Excel—-POTato PHish BALL
  6. Piktochart—-University Week
  7. Blog—-Ongskie Blog
  8. Website—-Sharlyne Fashion Trends
  9. Reflection Paper

Do people have the power to change the society? Socially?

Our society nowadays or since the world had began it got too many problems. Every one of have our own different personal problems. How much more for the society that contains every individual. Sometimes people are the problem inside the society. But sometimes people also have the power to change the society.

                 The power to change the society depends on the way on how people would change it. I believe that people have the power to change it. If people can’t change it, then who will change it? Only us people of course has the power . Can we expect from the trees, animals, plants, foods, or all the non living things? How can they change the society? Actually they can, but I wonder how? So basically, only us humans has the power to change the Society.

                How could people change it? But in what ways? Could it be socially? Why not? For example, If I have the power , I should learn to build a long lasting relationship with everyone. I should give them the chance to know me and to know what is my plan and intentions. And then hear their insights . And after they would agree for a change then there would be a change. Social medias also can be a medium for this issue.

10. Concept Paper

Internet Connection (WiFi) in every Classroom

 We are planning to build this project that every classroom must have their own wifi. Internet connection is a really big help to all of the students in Saint Mary’s University because it helps the students in different activities, especially to the students that have a heavy schedule and have no time to go to the library and e-lib for them to research some school stuffs. The advantage of this project is less hassle for the students to go to computer shops to finish their activities, if they want to research about school related stuffs they can just easily open their laptops or phones and connect to the wifi. 

         It’s main purpose is to help all the students in their requirements, especially nowadays, internet connection is a really big help to them. For example is in their researches. It’s really hard for some of students who doesn’t have internet connections in their home because they should buy prepaid or postpaid loads just to have some data connections, and of course some students cannot allocate some budgets for their load because there are many things that is more important than it. 

         We all know that the number one policy in Saint Mary’s University is the no cellphone policy. But in this project, we are not subjecting that the students should use their phone all the time. We are proposing that they can just use their phones and the internet connection only if the teacher will allow them. 

  • School Purposes- It is for students to have an internet connection in every classrooms because it helps students in their daily activities. 
  • For Students Entertainment- They may use their phones during vacant time if they finished all their requirements. Because sometimes students are noisy during vacant time and it has a possibility that they can disturb other classes. But notice the students when they are using phones, right? 

        Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (500,000) is the needed allowance for this project inside the campus plus the coming sponsors and the support outside the University. 

          You may visit us on our social media accounts and you may email us at For more inquiries, please call 0975123456. Thank you and Godbless!!! 



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